Why carry out the CE certification of products

In order to eliminate technical barriers to trade on the Community market were initiated a series of measures to improve European legislation, mechanisms and procedures related to safety and product quality assurance.

In this context, in the European Union countries have been developed a new policy on CE certification of products, which have as main purpose the ensurance of overall coherence in the conformity assessment of products and services both in the field covered by European Directives and in the field unregulated.

The basic idea of the European "New Order" on the legislative level consist in that manufacturers, importers and distributors of products on the Community market must demonstrate the conformity to the essential requirements of health, safety of users and environmental protection. These requirements are defined in the European Directives of technical harmonization "New Approach".

In order to align to the principles and practices of the European Union, the EC conformity certification of products in Romania is regulated by Ordinance No. 20/18.08.2010, and specific technical regulations for product categories, stipulated in several Government Decisions transposing specific Directives of European Union

According to Ordinance No. 20/18.08.2010 the products in the fields covered by European Directives may be placed on the market and / or may be put into operation only if they satisfy the essential health and safety requirements, if their conformity was evaluated and they carry the CE marking.

Assessment of conformity with essential health and safety requirements set out in European Directives is made by the Certification bodies notified by the European Commission.

Effective application of the principles and practices of the European Union on EC certification of products depends on an assessment infrastructure, rules and relations typical to the market economy.

CEPROM-CERT. Products EC Certification Body.

CEPROM-CERT is a product certification body established by national research and development program INFRAS, funded by the Ministry of Research and Education, based on infrastructure and staff of the Institute of Scientific Research and Technological Engineering CEPROM with an experience of over 40 years in research, design, testing and evaluation of products related machinery, equipment and industrial installations.

The infrastructure and technical equipments, staff experience and national and international recognition of the body, makes as the mark of CEPROM be a sought and respected mark on the products EC certification market, both in Romania and in Europe, Asia and Far East.

CEPROM-CERT is accredited by the National Accreditation Body from Romania with certificates No. ON 17 and No. PR 65, recognized and appointed by the Ministry of Labour and Social Solidarity by the Order No. 931/2006 and notified by the European Commission with No. NB 1802.

CEPROM-CERT also has a Research and Testing Laboratory accredited by RENAR with the Accreditation Certificate No. LI 872, which allows the certification body to perform laboratory tests required for certification.


CEPROM-CERT is an EC product certification body:

Accredited by the Accreditation Association of Romania - RENAR, according to SR EN 45011 (Guide ISO / IEC 65:1996), with:

*Accreditation Certificate No. ON 17;

*Accreditation Certificate No. PR 65;

-         recognized and appointed by the Ministry of Labour and Social Solidarity by the Order No. 931/2006;

-         notified by the European Commission in Official Journal of EC with no. NB 1800, for product certification activity in the fields covered by the Ordinance No. 20/18.08.2010 (Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC);

-         Research and Testing Laboratory accredited by RENAR with the Accreditation Certificate No. 872/2014.


The principles on which bases CEPROM-CERT in the CE certification process of products are:

  • competence and impartiality;
  • transparency and credibility;
  • independence of the potential dominance of any specific interests;
  • ensurance of confidentiality and professional secrecy;
  • representing public interests;
  • contribution to the promotion of principle of free circulation of products.


CEPROM-CERT is coordinated by a Director Council in which participate representatives of the main interests involved in the EC certification of products, without that any interest to predominate.

Interested parties that manifests itself in the process of certification of conformity of products and are part of the Director Council are:

  • designers of products;
  • manufacturers of products;
  • users of products;
  • public institutions.

Director Council takes the decision on granting, extending, suspending or withdrawing of the certification with ensuring of a complete impartiality.


Specialized personnel of CEPROM-CERT is highly qualified in various fields of industrial engineering, with various specializations in quality management, as well as in the practice of assessment activities in the field of competence of the body.


CEPROM-CERT. has a testing laboratory CEPROM-LCI, equipped with apparatus, equipment and specialized personnel needed to perform tests related to the certification process.

The Research and Testing Laboratory CEPROM-LCI is accredited by the National Accreditation Body from Romania RENAR, with the Accreditation Certificate No. LI 872.


Beneficiaries of the products conformity assessment services are:

*suppliers ( manufacturers or distributors ) and users of products from the industrie of machinery and equipment

*suppliers of electrical products and equipments.


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